Community Development and Volunteer Strategy

Kirklees Council, with whom the Friends of Beaumont Park support and work with in the maintenance, conservation and development of the Park, is only one of the many organisations who exist locally to further the well being of the community. FoBP is keen to engage with schools, charities and other organisations to identify ways in which we can increase the involvement of other people and groups.

Our team of volunteers is vital to us continuing the work we do and we are constantly seeking more help whether that involves an hour a month from individuals, to couples helping out every few weeks in the Visitor Centre or involving local companies encourage their workforce to participate in helping in the park. We assist students achieve their Duke of Edinburgh award and members of the community who need a foot up on their career ladder, by enabling them to volunteer their time and for which we can in appropriate circumstances, provide a reference.

This page details what we are going to do and reports the achievements and involvement of the local community in the Park.


To engage more of the local community in volunteer activities and to identify some of the needs of the local area and develop ways of meeting those needs.

Developments we intend to undertake to meet the strategic aims


 - Develop a whole year community activities programme 

To continue and develop the principle of summer school and community activities we organised during the summer 2016 school holidays.


 - Develop a volunteer Strategy

To work with Kirklees Council Volunteer Coordinator, Ruth Dodds; and other organisations to bring volunteers into the park to help with all the activities the Friends and Kirklees undertake


- Identify and develop ways to support groups in the local community, extending their involvement in the park

Over the next few months our work will be around young people, families and those people who perhaps don't know the park and what it might offer them.


- Encourage large businesses and employers to sponsor and support events in the park in a number of ways

For employers to facilitate their staff to volunteer in the park


- Develop ways of making greater use of the present Visitor Centre and facilities to support the local community demand for facilities

To enable local groups to utilise the facilities at the Visitor Centre to partially meet what we understand is a shortage of suitable accommodation.


What we have achieved so far

We will include in this area what we have achieved since 1st October 2016, in meeting the community development and volunteer strategic aims.