Friends of Beaumont Park Environment Strategy

Over the coming weeks the Friends of Beaumont Park will be working with Kirklees Council to establish several strategies to meet the agreed aims of the charity.

With the arrival of autumn, the Happy Woodlanders will recommence their work in the Park and a schedule of activities has been agreed with John Mason, the Kirklees Gardener to continue the work to restore and maintain the natural beauty of the Park. 

The Monday Gardeners continue to work with John Mason the Kirklees gardener carrying out a number of routine tasks every week, including weeding, cutting back, planting, clearing leaves (as you can imagine this one is a full time job!) and maintaining park furniture such as benches and bins. If you are interested in helping out on a Monday, please contact Sue Fox


Don't forget that on October 8th we are having a Gardening Day.  Meet at the Beaumont Park Depot by the main gates at 11am if you would like to help us plant 6000+ spring bulbs.  Make sure you are wearing outdoor clothes and shoes and if you have a trowel and /or gardening gloves bring them too.  All materials needed to participate can be provided.  All ages welcome, no gardening experience needed.

At 1pm on the same day we are having a plant swap in the Visitor Centre, so if you have spare plants in your garden, please pot them up and bring them along and swap them for something new to you.  The cafe will be open for drinks and cakes too, and at 2pm Graham Porter, Radio Leeds' gardening expert will be there to answer all your gardening questions.

This page will provide information on what we are doing and what has been achieved so far in meeting the environmental strategic aims.

If you have any comments on our plans please contact the secretary

We are always looking for more volunteers - The Happy Woodlanders meet between September and March on the3rd Saturday morning of each month. If you want to join us contact


Environment Plans - Happy Woodlanders 

We start with the bandstand area - 2016/2017

The aim is to tame the rhododendron to produce a clipped hedge at the top, and a clearly marked edge down the sides of the steps which can form a backdrop for wedding photos, as well as contributing to a well maintained area of the park. Reduce the top boundary to approx. 1.5m in height so that in the future it can be clipped and maintained as a hedge. This will also expose and make a feature of the 2 silver birch and 2 oak trees which are growing somewhere in there at the present. Retain and lightly prune the four spotted laurel in the corners of the site. Remove any brambles, and sycamore etc.

For the lower part of the bank the aim is to maintain the stability of the banking by reducing the risk of the shrubs keeling over due to the weight of the dense foliage on the very ends of the branches. Remove much of the height and spread from the rhododendrons growing on the banking.  Take the lower shrubs back to their bases maintaining a height of between 1 and 1.5m as appropriate.  Dig out some small areas for soil improvement and underplant with variegated ivy to brighten the lower banking up.