Friends of Beaumont Park Aims & Strategy

Over the past year - 2016 we have taken the time to review why the Friends of Beaumont Park exist and to identify our aims and the strategy and projects we will endeavour to put in place over the next 5 or 6 years to achieve these aims.


Our Vision

We shall build on the successes of the past to extend and develop further what the park offers to the local and wider community.

We will develop the natural resources of the park so that it is recognised as a place of outstanding beauty.

We shall develop the programmes and facilities of the park so that they are used throughout the year by FoBP and local organisations to support the interests and needs of the community.

We will develop further the partnership and the way we work with Kirklees Council, local organisations groups and individuals so that these are recognised as a model of good practice.


Our Aims

FoBP works in partnership with other organisations, groups, the local Council and local people to develop our vision.

FoBP works to safeguard the legacy of the park for our community and present and future visitors. 

FoBP will work towards the conservation and regeneration of the park in all its aspects e.g. history, wildlife, flora and fauna.

FoBP will work to ensure we continue to produce an income which will be used to maintain and develop the park infrastructure.

FoBP will work with other funding agencies to secure the necessary funds to support the development of the park.

FoBP will work to support the health and well-being of our community and beyond.

FoBP will work to encourage all of our community to use the park more fully.

FoBP will work to listen to and work with our community to identify their needs and how the park can contribute to meeting those needs.

FoBP will work to develop modern facilities in sympathy with the historical setting for the benefit of the local community.

FoBP will work to provide, together with local organisations, a wide range of activities for all age groups that will encourage people to use the park.


What we do to achieve this 

The Friends of Beaumont Park is financially secure with a superb team of volunteers running the day to day activities. We could break the above aims down in different ways in order to provide a picture of what we are actually doing; but have chosen to analyse and report what we are doing over 3 categories - Community Development and Volunteers, Environment and Facilities.

While these often overlap and may seem to exclude some of the things we are doing to fulfil our aims, these are the key categories that visitors to the Park will notice. Events will be reported as normally through the Forthcoming Events page and other aspects such as redeveloping the web site, ensuring we have sufficient policies and procedures and the host of other activities we do on a day to day basis will only be reported when appropriate

Please follow us through the following pages and if you have any comments or suggestions please email the secretary, Ed Day at