Restoration Projects

Lower Pond


There have been a couple of projects to restore the lower pond from a silted up and overgrown space to a beautiful, healthy fenced pond, full of life.

Phase 1.

In 2008, Yorkshire Garden Trust offered the Friends of Beaumont Park (FoBP) a grant of £500 towards the removal of silt and vegetation from the pond. Paxman Landscapes were engaged to clear the pond and the initial work was undertaken on 7th November 2008. Before the work commenced the pond looked like this -

  Pond before clearing out   Lower Pond 10 March 2009Paxman's digger clearing pond   Pond wall

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The initial "dig" revealed that the pond was much deeper than originally anticipated and appears to have been carved out of sandstone. Further examination showed the pond it was concrete lined. The contents of the pond were dried out and used as compost in the lower areas of the park.

Paxman Landscapes completed the clearing of the pond and completed the work between 9th and 19th March. A shelf has been created at the front of the pond for aquatic plants.

 Lower pond cleared   Lower pond cleared

further digging in the pond 29 March 2009   Lower Pond August 2009

 Lower pond investigation  


















At the same time Jason Mallinson, an experienced potholer and climber removed the laurel from the cliff face.

 Jason Mallinson and the laurel bush   Jason and the cut down laurel







Phase 2

In February 2009 a grant of £3,000 was awarded through Kirklees Community Grant Scheme in partnership with Crosland Moor Junior School to build a pond dipping platform.

 February 16 2010 BTCV commence work on the Pond Dipping Platform

On 1st April 2009 a meeting with The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)  discussed the siting of the pond dipping platform and what further work was required. In May 2009 the quote received from BTCV was accepted. Rainfall during the autumn enabled the correct height of the platform to be determined and work was completed on 18th March 2010.


Kirklees Council constructed a new fence with a locking gate and a geology information board informs visitors of the rock formation.

BTCV 18 Feb 2010 Lower Pond cleared out before work can begin

BTCV commence construction 23 Feb 2010

Progress on platform  Platform 11 March 2010
Pond Dipping Platform Finished March 2010

 Lower Pond Fence installed