Restoration Projects

Lower Cascade

 Lower Cascade

In the summer of 2008, The Friends of Beaumont Park (FoBP) applied for a grant from Kirklees Environment Unit to help with the cost of restoring the Lower Cascade. The area was overgrown with brambles and the rock face covered in ivy.  £750 was received for the cost of plants.

Cascade Before Clearing   Cascade After Clearing




Luke of Beneficial Tree Care cleared the ivy and Andrew Morris, the Kirklees Council gardener applied systemic weedkiller to the brambles. Volunteers, including the community service unpaid unit, cleared the area of vegetation in readiness for planting.

Lower Cascade Workers

Anne Dalley, a landscape architect, designed the layout and FoBP volunteers planted the area with Irises and Ceanothus (Californian Lilac). When flowering these plants give the impression of a blue pool.

Lower Cascade Irises  Lower Cascade Irises

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