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The Castle

 July 1884

The CastleIn July 1884 plans were requested for the Castle Refreshments Rooms and these were approved in the October when a tender of £800 was accepted to build them.  The final cost was to come to £2,165 and this building came to be known as The Castle.  There was some living accommodation inside for staff and peacocks strutted around on the lawn in front.

The Castle had a dance floor as well as a cafe selling meals and a report in the Colne Valley Guardian 21 August 1908 describes the Castle serving meals of Roast Beef to the well off and French buns to the less well off!  By 1914 ham and egg teas were a speciality costing one shilling (5p).

In 1959 the restaurant was closed and it was first suggested that it should be demolished.  In 1960 the living accommodation was closed.  Nothing happened until 1964 when it was going to cost a minimum of £8,000 to repair so the decision was made to pull it down for £1,600.  Contractors arrived in May and after managing to get a bulldozer under the tunnel and down the path, demolition started.  One of the girders measured 30 feet by 2 feet 6 inches, and the stones on the roof weighed up to a ton.

The site was left to grow wild but in 2008 FoBP volunteers started to clear the site and several trees were felled and vegetation cleared to reveal the chimney breasts and holes where the joists went in.  They also unearthed two small garden areas which would have been at each end of the Castle.