Beaumont Park Pavilion

Proposed New Pavilion

Statement on behalf of FoBP

Friends of Beaumont Park (FoBP), the charity dedicated to the development and restoration of Beaumont Park in partnership with Kirklees Council; has long held an ambition to replace the original Pavilion which was demolished in the '90s, as part of the joint regeneration programme to restore the Park to its former glory.

The aim was to provide shelter, refreshments and toilets and FoBP successfully applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a grant following a fund raising campaign. Beaumont Park is a Grade 2 heritage park and HLF funding stipulated that the replacement Pavilion would have a significant heritage aspect.

However, since funding was obtained a number of circumstances have unfortunately changed or arisen which have hampered the project. In particular a lack of drainage and the ever-tightening cost restrictions placed upon Kirklees Council, who are of course, a key partner, sponsor and contributor to the project.

The restrictions placed upon Kirklees Council mean that, whilst initially the Council was a significant contributor towards the project, sadly it is no longer in a position to take financial responsibility for the new building or its maintenance. Taken in conjunction with the drainage cost, this means that FoBP has, with regret taken the decision to postpone the project pending a thorough strategic review.

Roy Mason, FoBP's Chairman, said "This unfortunate development could be viewed as a setback for the Park. However, FoBP will not give up! Extensive research and feedback has told us that people would like to see toilets and refreshments at the south end of the park next to the play area, and we are determined to provide these facilities.”

The charity's Secretary, Ed Day, had this to say about the money already allocated and donated to the project: "The HLF grant will not be taken up at present and money collected from local residents will be held for the new pavilion project, although we will contact all known donors and should they wish, we will return the money donated. FoBP will continue its work in supporting Kirklees Council to provide a community park enjoyed by all and we thank everyone who has supported us in this venture".

For further details, please contact Ed Day at