Play and Leisure Review

We need you to help us in our review of leisure and play opportunities in Beaumont Park. As a member of our local community, we would like to know what you think the park does well to support play and leisure and how it might develop it further.


Working in partnership with Kirklees Council, we are asking park visitors what they think of the play and leisure opportunities that there are in the park.  We would like to know what you think.

What is happening…..



• Over the next 6 weeks we are asking our visitors and people in the local community to complete a questionnaire……>>>>>>>>>>>>> see the link below


• We will have a look through what people have said and inviting anyone interested to share ideas then……


• We will be making recommendations about how we might develop the play opportunities further. We will share this with you and with the Council. Then…..


We will be working to make this happen. 

By answering the survey questions, you will help us build up a picture of what the local community thinks.  We will let you know the results.  We also intend to use what the local community thinks as a way of developing these opportunities further.  Please follow the link below: